Live and Interactive Finance Leadership Workshop

Start Date : October 10, 2013
End Date : October 12, 2013
Time : 3:00 PM to4:00 PM

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Online – All you need is an internet connection to attend this class. Available Globally.


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Startup Finance Leadership

About: Learn how to think like a financier

More than likely your next big opportunity will come form a startup or a small business and Finance lies at the core of every business success. This is the best finance class you can ever take; it will teach you how to value a business. It will give you the fundamental understanding required for successful maneuvering in the business World. Having an understanding of Finance will determine how well your business performs. 

Finance is a powerful global force and valuation lies at its core. Valuation makes or breaks a company. It is critical to understand valuation as an investor, entrepreneur, consultant and employee. 

There are many circumstances in which this class is useful:

A. You are looking to raise funding for your company

B. You are looking to invest in a startup

C. You are looking to work for a startup and your success is tied to the startup’s success

D. You are about to get paid in equity

E. You are interested in selling your business

F. You are interested in learning how the World of finance works

G. You are interested in learning how to make money

H. You are interested in strengthening your skills so that you are better able to maneuver within the business world

This class is focused on startup valuation with entrepreneurial and non-public valuation needs in mind. We cover concepts such as pre-money, post money valuation and valuation equations used for private companies. We will be looking at Startup Valuation from the financial perspective. You can expect to walk away with a few equations and ideas on how to make financial projections.

This class is ideal for entrepreneurs, investors and anyone interested in working for or with a private company. Attendees to this seminar will walk away with a better understanding of the valuation process.  Attendees will walk through a financial example of valuation. 


“This is one of the best finance classes I have ever taken.”

- Andrew

“I took the “Startup Finance Valuation” class; excellent job. This class is a must for all entrepreneurs. MBA classes do not teach how to value a startup, this class does.”

- Danny

“After taking this class I have a clear perspective on valuation. I recommend this class to all entrepreneurs. Thank you for a very informative class.”

- Bonnie

“I have been in banking for over 20 years and this class taught me valuable concepts not covered by all the classes I have taken throughout my career.”

- Yaakov

How the class is taught:

1. The class is taught through 3 live online sessions that last abut 1 hour and are spread over 3 days

2. Timings: The sessions start at 3:00 PM Pacific Time (San Francisco Time) and last about 1 hour 

3. Days: Sessions take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

4. Your Local Time: Please calculate your local time based on 3:00 PM Pacific Time

5. A recording of the sessions is made available for students after class

Based on 3PM Pacific Time

How to signup:

1. A meeting invitation is sent to the email you sign up with

2. You need internet access to attend this class 

3. This class is open to students from all over the World

4. Recorded sessions are available to signed up students only

Based on 3PM Pacific Time



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Online Finance Leadership Workshop
Taught over 3 days
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